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Paro Medic

Sensitive, gentle
and highly precise

A new generation toothbrush with silky-soft and dense bristle.

With micro-fine KONEX® bristles, which are especially flexible

and easily bent, even under little pressure.

This means that Paro Medic is ideal for people with sensitive gums.

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bristles Gentle on gums

The endings of KONEX® bristles are over 8 times softer than regular bristles.

They are very flexible and easily bent, so they perfectly protect tooth enamel and gums.

They narrow towards the end and so can access even hard to reach

interdental spaces. They remove dental plaque even at the gum line.

During gum massage, toothbrush bristles contribute to better blood circulation which means faster regeneration of gums.

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Not only the design

While designing the Paro Medic toothbrush, we provided it not only with

a subtle design, but also with an ergonomic handle. Coloured rubber

inserts both adorn the brush handle and ensure firm grip.

Stillman Method

See how to brush your teeth and not irritate gums.