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Paro 2 in 1 Brush

For professionals.
For you.

Known and valued around the world, PARO brand toothbrushes

finally in Poland! Try an innovative combination of a traditional toothbrush

with a single-tuft interdental toothbrush.

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Optimal density and quantity of filaments

We put an optimum amount of highest quality filaments into bunches and arranged them to form spacing that ensures free air flow. It is very important as it prevents long-lasting moisture of brush bristle, which causes the growth of fungi and bacteria on the surface of the head.

Bristle softness

exS39 - extra-soft A toothbrush for people with sensitive gums, with exceptionally dense and extra-soft bristles that perfectly clean the teeth surface, and at the same time protect delicate gums.

S39 - soft With dense and soft bristles, which allow ideal cleaning of teeth and does not cause damage while massaging the gums.

M39 - medium For users who like slightly harder bristles. The brush perfectly cleans the teeth surface without causing damage to the gums. While using this brush, it is important not to apply too much pressure when brushing teeth.

Precisely designed handle

In Paro brushes, the handle narrows maximally at the head. It makes the comfort of brushing even the most distant teeth incomparably greater than while using traditional toothbrushes.


Find the right tip for you

Our 2-in-1 brushes are the only ones to have the possibility of installation of 10 tips for cleaning interdental spaces and fissures around dental braces. Tips with velvety coating or with anatomical arrangement of bristles - you will certainly find something for yourself!

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